Welcome to my blog.

My name is Vibhor Saraswat. I am working as a Senior Unix Administrator at French IT company. I have 6 years experience in Unix domain and specialize in this field.

Using this blog I would like to share my view and provide the solutions of problem which normally occur in Unix life.

This blog consist all the Unix environment like Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux etc. You can find the best solutions of your issue here.

Please find the below topic which we cover during blog as listed below.

1. Sun Solaris: We will cover all the installation and configuration method of Solaris operating system including their utilities. All server like NFS, zone creation, monitoring etc topic are covers in the Solaris section.

2. HP-UX: In this section , we will cover operating system installation and configuration part including all the internal application configuration. All the issue related to HP-UX operating system we will discuss here.

3. AIX: In this section, all the issues related to AIX operating system we will covers here. You can find the important post regarding this operating system in my blog.

4. Linux: In this section , we will cover all Linux operating system like Red Hat Linux, CentOS etc. These are the general purpose operating system which is widely used in Industry. So any issue related this OS we will covered here.

You can comment on my blog or you can contact me through message regarding your any issue as well as you can find the good and valuable content on my post with very simple and straight forward answer.